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Workers at the pig farm operated by ‘Farmer Greg Gordon’, who was murdered one week ago, have told Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding of their commitment to carry on the business; but called on him to ensure that the issue of security be addressed as a matter of priority.
Mr. Golding, who this morning (June 5) visited the farm at Christian Pen, St. Catherine, told the young pig farmers that their former employer must be held up as an example to young people of what they can achieve if they are prepared to work hard. He instructed the Rural Agricultural Development Agency -RADA – to work with the farmers to put in place the structure needed to ensure that the operations continue to benefit both Farmer Greg’s family and the employees.
“Whatever are the priorities that need to be dealt with now, we will get them in place. Make sure you keep your markets and be assured of our support,” he told the workers.

Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding tours the pig farm of the late farmer Greg Gordon who was gunned down recently on his farm. The Prime Minister, accompanied by Minister with responsibility for Information, Hon. Daryl Vaz and the heads of the National Land Agency and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), visited the farm at Christian Pen St. Catherine this morning (June 5). Government has given a commitment to provide all the assistance necessary to keep the business in operation. Young Farmer Greg had been operating a successful business on lands which had been provided to him by Prime Minister Golding when his situation was brought to the attention of the Government.

Minister with responsibility for Information, Hon. Daryl Vaz who had secured the land on which ‘Farmer Greg’ was able to expand his business, has also given an undertaking to secure both Government and private sector assistance for the project. He has assured the workers that the electricity and water requirements will be put in place to keep the operations growing.
Mayor Keith Hinds of Portmore and representatives of RADA and the National Land Agency (NLA) were on hand to get details of the support needed to keep the project going.
The PM also visited another young farmer whose goat farm is adjacent to Father Greg’s pig farm. He has also been promised assistance in getting land to expand his business which started out with two goats and now has a herd of some 75 goats.

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