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The Hanover Parish Council is moving to ease the hardships being experienced by some residents in the parish by trucking water to the areas most affected by drought.
Secretary/Manager of that Parish Council, Alfred Graham, said that to date, more than $700,000 had been spent by the Council to truck water to some of the worst affected areas, and there was still an urgent need for more funds to carry on the exercise.
He told JIS News that representation made to the Ministry of Local Government for assistance to truck water to the areas most affected by the drought yielded a grant of $528,000, while the Council also received an additional $200,000 through the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM).
“We were able to utilise this amount to transport water to some of the most affected areas, both in the eastern and western sections of the parish. Areas like Chester Castle, some areas in Mount Peto, areas like Woodchurch, Richmond, Dias, Middlesex, Askenish, Clifton, Ginger Hill, those are some of the areas in the western region,” he said.
He pointed out that the Council would be asking the Ministry of Local Government for additional funds to transport water to the drought stricken areas of the parish.
Mr. Graham stated that the areas of the parish listed as being served by minor water supply systems were primarily the responsibility of the parish council, and water was being trucked to those areas.
Additionally, he said the Council had also trucked water to areas served by the National Water Commission systems.

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