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Among a number of contracts approved by the Cabinet at its sitting this week is one for the Hunts Town/Wellington Water Supply (pipe laying works) to Bacchus Engineering Works in the sum of J$17,231,500.00.
The districts of Hunts Town and Wellington in St. Mary have been “experiencing less than moderate population growth because of the unavailability of a reliable supply of potable water.”
It has been determined that the most cost effective means of providing potable water to the area is by the harnessing of spring flows in the Union Hill area and treating and pumping water into the proposed service areas.
The contract is for the provision of all necessary material, labour, tools, management and equipment to construct a pipeline network for adequate distribution of potable water to Hunts Town and Wellington.
Hospital EquipmentAnother of the contracts approved is to Consumables Direct Sales Limited to supply eight critical care beds with accessories for the University Hospital of the West Indies and Cornwall Regional Hospital at a cost of J$13,961,080.00.
Under the same contract, Consumables Direct Sales will also supply a Lecia M525 OH4 microscope with accessories also for the University Hospital at a cost of J$23,990,487.41.
“The inventory of critical care beds at the University Hospital and Cornwall Regional is currently below the international standard and is also at a level inconsistent with that required for quality health care.”
The neurosurgical microscope at the University Hospital now is not functional and so a new one is required.
Cabinet also approved the award of a contract for the Lease Agreement for Chemistry Analyzers for St. Ann’s Bay Hospital, Annotto Bay Hospital, Port Maria Hospital and Port Antonio Hospital. The contract has gone to Roche Diagnostics Limited for a period of four years at a cost of J$78,504,000.00.
Chemistry Analyzers are biomedical equipment that is used to test humans for a wide range of conditions and are the main machines in the clinical chemistry section of the laboratory in hospitals.
Traffic TicketingApproval has also been given by Cabinet for the award of a contract to Illuminat (Jamaica) Limited for enhancements to the Traffic Ticket issuing System for the Ministry of National Security. The contract is worth US$349,391.80.
The new Traffic Ticketing System “will greatly enhance the ability, accuracy and integrity of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) in managing the dictates of the Road Traffic Act and Regulations. An efficient traffic ticketing system will make use of new technologies as well as introduce a number of major benefits to the Jamaica Constabulary Force.”
The benefits include provision of at least 50 hand-held devices and wireless portable printers; electronic and handwritten tickets that will be uploaded to a centralized database; electronic matching of tickets issued to payment data and to the decision of the Traffic Courts; and integration with databases at the Inland Revenue Department, the Insurance Association of Jamaica, Ministry of Justice Traffic Courts and the JCF Records Management and Computer Aided Dispatch Systems.
Housing ContractsAnother contract approved is for the undertaking of civil engineering services for the Perth Housing Development in Manchester. It has been awarded to N.O. Whyte and Associates in the sum of J$24,823,148.43.
The National Housing Trust (NHT) intends to develop 1,800 housing solutions on 592 acres of land at Perth in three phases.
The scope of work under the contract includes, but is not limited to, the preparation of detailed designs for Phase One of the project and all supporting infrastructure, inclusive of roads, drains, sewerage and sewerage treatment plants as well as monitoring of the designs.
The Cabinet also approved the variation of a contract awarded to Tankweld Construction Company Limited “to reflect civil infrastructure works for an additional 96 units at Denham Town Block J and an acceleration of the project.” The contract is worth J$43,387,082.00.
Another variation of contract approved was awarded to Arima Engineering Company Limited to reflect electrical infrastructure works for an additional 96 units at Denham Town Block J, the sum of J$J22, 901,122.64.

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