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Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Professor Gordon Shirley, has lauded the efforts of Women At Real Risk (WARR), in Washington, D.C., for their outstanding contribution in the fight against breast cancer.
Addressing WARR’s seventh annual breast cancer awareness fund-raising gala on October 21, at the Washington Court Hotel, Professor Shirley said among the achievements the organization has made since last year, include the staging of a teen programme at the Mary Mount High School in St. Mary, where some 200 students underwent self-breast examination. Other achievements of the organization include the annual health mission to St. Mary which provided medical assistance to over 800 residents; direct financial assistance for medical services to more than 3,000 persons; and the staging of a breast cancer and Women of the Diaspora seminar.
“I wish to laud the efforts that WARR has placed on informing women at risk, providing effective screening options and empowering women with the necessary tools and information,” he said.
“Breast cancer is no longer confined to an age group or hereditary factors, it touches all of us. I salute the staging of this very worthy initiative, and commend founder, Totlin Taylor-Newby and co-founder, Claudia Hudson and urge WARR to continue its collaboration with health care providers in Jamaica and worldwide to provide safe and affordable early detection, as we work to successfully turn the corner on this high incidence disease,” the Ambassador added. In her remarks, Mrs. Taylor-Newby said that WARR was founded in Washington, D.C., by a group of Jamaican cancer survivors residing in the U.S. capital in 1998 with one mission – the elimination of breast cancer through education and advocacy. She explained that WARR fostered awareness of the danger of breast cancer to women at risk through hands-on outreach programmes and by creating a liaison with women in the Diaspora, beginning in Jamaica. “The mission of WARR is to ensure, through individual support, empowerment and information, that no one faces breast cancer alone or uninformed,” she said. The Totlin Taylor Award for Courage was presented to Maggie Williams.

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