Veterinary Services Division gets $15 Million in Estimates of Expenditure

A total of $15 million has been allocated to the Veterinary Services Division in the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, in the 2007/08 Estimates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives.
Of the sum, $5.52 million has been allocated for the rental of property, machinery and equipment; a further $5 million will go towards compensating employees; $2.47 million to purchase goods and services; and $2 million is to be used to purchase equipment (capital goods).
The division has responsibility for animal health on a national basis, with a mission to advance animal production and productivity and enhance human health and nutrition, through the maintenance of a healthy animal population.
In the meantime, the Forest Development and Management Project will receive $5 million, to facilitate the transformation of the Forestry Department into an Executive Agency. The long-term and financial plans are to be completed in April 2007, after which the implementation stage will begin.
Meanwhile, a project to carry out repairs to the facilities to the Castleton, Bath, Hope and Cinchona Botanical Gardens, will benefit from a sum of $1 million.

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