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A record 11,000 motorists used the Portmore toll road this morning (Sept. 4), the first day of the new school year. Minister of Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Robert Pickersgill, told JIS News, that the figure was 1,000 more motorists than its usual morning average.
He noted further, that traffic through the toll plaza was incident and delay-free. “We did not experience any problems with motorists at the toll booth at Portmore. Fourteen lanes were open and up to 9:15 a.m., 11,000 motorists had used the toll booth,” he informed.
The Minister said that the increase in traffic did not negatively impact motorists elsewhere in the corporate area, as steps were taken to avoid back-ups and delays, including adjusting the traffic signal timing at the intersection of Marcus Garvey and East Avenue “to provide additional green time for the Marcus Garvey traffic”.
Meanwhile, he told JIS News that “the traffic engineers and specialists of the National Works Agency and technocrats of National Road Operating and Constructing Company Limited, are reviewing this morning’s events to determine what more can be done to facilitate even a smoother flow of traffic for the commuting public”.
He informed that the data that “we are collecting starting today, and which will continue over the next two weeks, will help us make an informed decision as to what more will be required to improve traffic flow out of Portmore.”
Based on the initial findings from this morning’s experience, the Minister said, “we have confirmed that traffic improvements must occur at some locations to improve traffic flow out of Portmore along Mandela Highway”.
The locations are the intersection of Caymanas and Mandela Highway, the Highway 2000 off-ramp that merges with Mandela Highway, the openings on Mandela at the Ferry Police Station and at the Hydel Group of Schools.
Minister Pickersgill pointed out that traffic congestion on Mandela Highway between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. could be alleviated if motorists were more prudent when exiting the Highway 2000 off-ramp to Mandela Highway.
“We would prefer if the motorists would go to the end of the lane instead of attempting to merge immediately after exiting the off-ramp,” he said.

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