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Sporting legend Usain Bolt brought an extra air of excitement to the Jamaica Pavilion at World Expo Dubai 2020 last weekend.

The sprint legend was guest of Pepsico/Gatorade at the Expo on Saturday, November 13, where he participated in the Run the World Family Run charity event.

The Bolt Pavilion, managed by Gatorade, paid homage to sporting legends like Usain Bolt, who used and continue to use the beverage to replenish themselves in training and competitions.

His contribution to the sport of track and field was also commemorated in the Jamaica Pavilion. A guided tour of the Pavilion was provided by the Commissioner General of Section, Jamaica Pavilion at World Expo 2020 Dubai, Essie Gardner.

The Commissioner General told JIS News that Mr. Bolt brought an additional air of excitement to the already popular Jamaica Pavilion, as visitors not only got to learn of his accomplishments in sport while representing Jamaica but also meet the living legend.

“We are, undoubtedly, a very popular pavilion. We are on public media at least once a week, we are requested by many schools and our visitor numbers are consistently above average. Yes, Usain Bolt attracted many visitors, many of whom we had to turn away due to capacity, but the people in the Pavilion were in awe. Some persons literally cried upon meeting him,” explained Ms. Gardner.

She added that Mr. Bolt enjoyed his tour of the Jamaica Pavilion, which proved to be a bit nostalgic for the sprint legend.

“He did a guided tour of the Pavilion, interacted with the persons who were visiting, made himself available for photo opportunities and signed memorabilia. He was pleased seeing himself represented in the sports zone of the Pavilion. He reflected on some of the moments captured on video and the fact that we had his maquette on show. He even tweeted on the visit himself,” Ms. Gardner shared.

Usain Bolt strikes a pose in front of the maquette of his bronze statue on display in the Jamaica Pavilion at World Expo Dubai 2020 on November 13. Mr. Bolt was taken down memory lane as he viewed images and videos of himself and other Jamaican athletes on display inside the Jamaica Pavilion.


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Mr. Bolt’s tour of the Jamaica Pavilion also saw him spending some time in the music zone listening to a curated playlist of reggae music.

The Jamaican delegation in Dubai, which includes representatives from the Ministry of Tourism; Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, and the Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority, are anticipating the visit of other notable Jamaicans during the Expo.

World Expo 2020 Dubai is being held from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, under the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

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