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Within another two years, residents of Kingston, who have borne the inconvenience of water lock-offs, will have reliable, adequate water supply.
This improvement will come through the US$215 million Jamaica Water Sector Improvement Programme, which is designed to bring adequate supply to the Corporate Area and St. Catherine, filling the current gap of some 10 million gallons daily in the rainy reason and 15 million gallons per day during the dry season.
Addressing a press briefing at Jamaica House on October 29, Water and Housing Minister, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang said this shortage in supply is the reason why for several years, many areas in Kingston have had to endure lock-offs.
The programme also includes several large rural supply projects aimed at moving potable rural water supply from below 50 per cent to some 60 per cent.
“Financing contracts are in place and work has started in many places, and most others will most likely start by January…it will mean major employment…and significant relief to those who have been suffering water shortages and lock-offs.” the Minister stated.
He noted that statistics suggest that Jamaica is doing well, with some 90 per cent of the urban population having access to potable water. “We are not badly off on an international level, but this is still a very sensitive area…it is also critical to development… if you don’t have running water, nothing moves in terms of economic activity. It is maybe one of the big battles in delivering housing solutions,” he stated.
The National Water Commission (NWC) has a capital commitment of more than $30 billion to carry out its work this year.

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