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The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) will begin work soon on a number of construction and environmental projects in the parish of St. James. General Manager of the UDC, Marjorie Campbell, said plans were in place to build a convention centre in Montego Bay as well as a residential sub-division in the community of Success, Rose Hall.
Mrs. Campbell made the announcement when she addressed a recent meeting of the St. James Parish Council.
In outlining the projects to be undertaken, the General Manager said the UDC was now in the process of identifying funding of US$50 million for the construction of a convention centre on approximately 13 hectares of land between the Half Moon Golf Course and Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay.She told the meeting that it was envisaged that the centre would provide over 8,000 square metres of space that would accommodate meeting rooms, a ballroom and an exhibit hall.
“It is to be built in response to market demands for convention and meeting services, and we are confident that it will serve to enhance the tourism and hospitality industry in this section of the island, while providing additional employment opportunities to residents of this area,” Mrs. Campbell said.
Turning to residential housing, she said the UDC “is proposing to develop a 166-lot residential subdivision at Success, Rose Hall”.
When completed, the housing project would provide 159 single family lots and six development blocks. “This project will be implemented in phases, with phase one comprising 53 lots at an estimated cost of $163.2 million, which is currently being sourced,” she noted.
Land space for neighbourhood service facilities and social amenities would also be made available, she added. These would be inclusive of a playfield as well as school and community facilities.
Mrs. Campbell also highlighted Marine Park, situated along the Howard Cooke Boulevard in Montego Bay, as a project that served as an example of the UDC’s recognition of the importance of the environment. “When we [the UDC] first came to Montego Bay in the early 1970s, we not only pursued urban expansion and the provision of housing, but we also provided for three beaches,” she said.
The UDC’s provision of Marine Park, she explained, was meant to continue the Corporation’s environmental thrust in the maintenance of the country’s natural environment.
“We have been very pleased to collaborate with the Marine Park and we have offered them 4.8 hectares of land, including the Park and wetlands adjoining it, for lease for an initial period of 15 years at the rate of $10,000 a year,” she added.
“The lessees have also been asked to pay property taxes for the land. The operators of the Marine Park intend to develop an eco-trail at the location, which will include the park and the wetlands behind it,” the General Manager pointed out.

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