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Public health service in St. Mary should be boosted significantly when construction of the Type One Windsor Castle Health Clinic is completed.
Construction of the clinic began as a community effort in August 1999, after two acres of land in the community were donated for that purpose by the late Henry Goulbourne.
The total cost of the project is $7.9 million, with community members contributing $2.8 million, and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) providing $5.1 million.
The project is being managed by the Carron Hall Benevolent Society in the parish, and the clinic will be furnished by the North East Regional Health Authority when it is completed.
Dr. Isaac Brown, North East Regional Authority Parish Manager for St. Mary, told JIS News that the residents of the area should be commended for the exemplary community spirit they have displayed in bringing the project to reality, and emphasised that the clinic would help to ensure that the St. Mary Health Department continues to provide the best quality service to the people of the parish.
He noted that the new facility would not only provide more comfort for the residents of the area it serves, but would also better enhance the delivery of primary health care to the citizens of the communities.
Dr. Brown pointed out that the clinic should be completed and fully operational within the next four weeks.
He said that the spirit of goodwill and co-operation displayed by the community members toward the project would ensure its maintenance and protection.

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