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South Florida businessman, Philip Wong, has awarded full scholarships to two students of St. George’s College in Kingston, for secondary and tertiary studies.
The scholarships, to be presented on Friday (September 15) at the College, will assist with covering tuition, books, clothing and food for both students during their tenure at the college and their subsequent tertiary education.
Mr. Wong has also made a donation of $1 million to the school’s on-going development programme. The businessman, who is a past student of the college, told JIS News that he was grateful to his alma mater for a solid foundation, which allowed him the opportunity to attend college. His early education, he said, helped him to handle the success and challenges of his South Florida business today. Through his mentoring efforts, Mr. Wong committed himself to sharing the same opportunities with ambitious needy students.
The students will also receive lap top computers to assist them in their daily studies. Mr. Wong indicated that the scholarship programme was a pilot project that he intended to review next year, with the aim of making it an annual event.
He challenged members of the Diaspora to become more involved in the welfare of the young people through individual or collaborative efforts.
The South Florida chapter of St. George’s College Alumni Association was established three years ago, and has an enrolment of over 100 members.
Through fund-raising efforts, members have been contributing to the school’s development and improvement projects at the North Street campus.

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