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The Support to Intra-City Volunteerism (SICV) Project has donated a cheque for $48,000 to four schools in the parish of Trelawny to assist needy students with book rental fees.
United Nations volunteer, Abel Kipeja, explained to JIS News that the SICV Project, which began two years ago, had approached a number of schools in Falmouth, Trelawny to assess difficulties being experienced regarding the payment of book rental fees.
“In collaboration with the schools’ guidance counsellors, the project undertook a basic needs assessment which showed that about 250 students in Falmouth and its environs are vulnerable and therefore cannot meet the requirements of book rental fees,” he said.
Mr. Kipeja further informed that one of the aims of the project was to motivate students to pursue studies in an equal opportunity atmosphere. A total of 80 students from the Salt Marsh, Granville and Falmouth All-Age Schools, as well as the Bellevue Primary and Junior High School, are to benefit from the assistance.
“The Book Drive Committee will work closely with the schools to monitor the performances of the sponsored students,” he disclosed, pointing out that the initiative would serve as a yardstick for the Project to venture into other undertakings on a wider scope.
The United Nations volunteer urged members of the public to promote the continuation of this positive and vital initiative to promote illiteracy and poverty reduction. “Knowledge is power and education is the means of acquiring that power. Let us empower our children,” Mr. Kipeja stated.

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