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The Trelawny Parish Council is revelling in its recent award from the Department of Local Government for outstanding performance in financial management for the period 2007 to 2009.
The award, which was presented at a special function held on December 30 in White River, St. Mary, was cause for much celebration at the first monthly meeting of the Council for 2010 held in its Chambers in Falmouth last week.
Acting Secretary Manager of the Trelawny Parish Council, Gerald Lee, who spoke to JIS News after a brief cake cutting ceremony, said that of all the local authorities, Trelawny had the least amount of audit queries over the period.
“What this means for us, is just to confirm the fact that we have been prudent in our financial management, and our operations have been guided by the provisions that have been laid down by the various acts that we operate under. It’s also a boost to our employees, which confirms that they are doing the right thing, and serves as a kind of motivator,” he stated.
He added that the staff of the Trelawny Parish Council are very appreciative of the award.
Chairman of the Council His Worship the Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Collin Gager, stated that he viewed the award as a great achievement, which the members of staff must strive to hold on to.
“I am feeling very proud of this Council that I am able to head this Local Government body and it has performed so well in its financial management so that we can receive an award. I think it means a lot to us, it has motivated us to show that we can do things and do them right,” he stated.
He added that the recognition from the Local Government Department means a lot to all the workers within the Council.

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