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Member of Parliament for North Trelawny, Dr. Patrick Harris, has said that the parish was poised for unprecedented social and economic growth, through a number of infrastructural and social development projects now underway.
Dr. Harris, who was making his contribution to the 2005/06 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives yesterday (May 25), said the parish would benefit from the construction of a multi-purpose complex at the Greenfield Stadium to host 2007 Cricket World Cup.
“In real terms, this facility will serve not only as a point for direct investment into the parish, but will provide opportunities for the investment of the enormous cricketing talents of our youth,” he stated.He noted that by hosting the games, the parish would have the coveted opportunity to showcase its many offerings to visitors from the more than 130 countries expected in the island for the games, in addition to the millions of viewers worldwide. “The imaginable economic and social spin-offs are enormous,” Dr. Harris remarked.
He said that already, a catalytic impact for major socio-economic development in the parish had been created to the extent that restaurants were being remodeled and established.
Attractions were being conceptualized, he added, with massive sensitization activities being carried out. Also, Dr. Harris said, notable shifts could be seen in the areas of agriculture and production as agro-processing facilities, craft manufacturers and art producers had begun to prepare for this expected spurt of development.
Turning to other projects, Dr. Harris noted that segment two of the North Coast Highway project would reconfigure the parish, with a network of roads reflecting a modern, state of the art approach toward development “within the framework for the free and efficient movement of goods and services in our demand-driven market”. He informed that the Duncans bypass was complete and that the Falmouth bypass would be completed by June 31.
He noted also that tomorrow (May 27), Prime Minister P.J. Patterson would break ground for the Martha Brae Water expansion project. “As a result, three million gallons (of water) will be sent to our brothers and sisters in Montego Bay and another three million gallons to the Duncans and Rio Bueno areas,” he informed, adding that other coastal towns such as Coopers Pen, Retreat Heights, Braco and Silver Sands would also benefit.
“This, I think irrefutably, is the most far-reaching infrastructure project for the parish”, he said, adding that preliminary work on the Sherwood water supply project had already begun and would benefit residents of Sherwood, Content Coxheath, Fontabelle, Peidmont and Reserve.
In addition, Dr. Harris noted that proposed hotels such as Harmony Cove and Oyster Bay, among others, would serve to enhance the tourism product.
Turning to housing projects, he said support from social agencies such as Food for the Poor and Habitat for Humanity, had seen the development of programmes aimed at addressing housing needs.
In addition, some 300 National Housing Trust units had been secured and would be available in the Falmouth area. Also, he said, “the Hague/Cave Island programme has seen the allocation of lots through the Provident Society under the Operation Pride scheme and beneficiaries have already started construction of houses”.
In terms of education, Dr. Harris informed that the Holland High School had opened its doors in September 2004, creating new opportunities for 1,200 students. He added that construction of the Hague primary and basic schools were far advanced and were slated for opening in September 2005. “This will ease the shortage of space at the primary level particulary in Falmouth and Duncans. It is expected that this will bring an end to the two-shift system at both schools,” he said.
He told the House also, that construction had begun on a 100-man police station. “On completion, our police officers will enjoy the comforts of a modern facility that will enhance their effective delivery of quality service to our community,” he said.
Dr. Harris also informed that the old fire station had been demolished and tender documents were out for the construction of a new facility equipped with modern fire-fighting tools and emergency medical service functions.
Also, upgrading work is being carried out on the Falmouth market through a joint venture between the Trelawny Parish Council and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund.

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