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Farmers in the parish of Trelawny are being encouraged to get on board the Domestic Food Crop and Marketing Project, through the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).
“With the World Cup of Cricket coming to the parish in the year 2007, there will be the need for our farmers to increase production, seeing that there will be many thousands of visitors to feed,” Trelawny Parish Manager for RADA, Donald Robinson, told JIS News.
He informed that the Project involved the production of crops, such as hot pepper, cauliflower and mini-sett yam, adding that farmers were being given the opportunity to access training in such areas as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Integrated Crop Management (ICM), as part of a technology package. “We are in the process of reaping hot peppers, namely, the Scotch Bonnet and the West Indian red peppers. We cultivate the scotch bonnet peppers for the export market and for local consumption and through agro processing, the West Indian red peppers are being used to make products, such as the hot pepper sauce,” he said.
Mr. Robinson pointed out that yam farmers would be introduced to soil conservation methods, and this should allow them to see the advantage of planting yam, using the mini-sett technique.
“The year 2007 is just a couple of months away and so we are going to have to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. New hotels are coming on stream in the parish and therefore it will bring about an even greater demand for food, so we have to ensure that we have enough to supply these hotels when they come into existence,” he said.
Mr. Robinson further informed that there was also a goat expansion project being carried out through RADA in the parish, and that to date, farmers have benefited under this project.
“Recently we supplied a total of 15 farmers with two Does each and we are expecting to receive three Bucks, so that we can continue this revolving project,” he said.
Mr. Robinson is appealing to the farmers in the parish to register with RADA and learn of the many ways in which they can succeed in the agricultural sector.

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