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Executive Director of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Lenworth Fulton, has commended members of the various clubs in Trelawny, for the high quality displays at the annual Parish Achievement Day, held recently at the Albert Town High School.
He said that the event, held under the theme: ‘Youth responding to food security’ was one of the best and “it challenges any that I have seen in the Jamaica 4-H Clubs so far”.
“It was well organized. The displays were good, the teachers have shown greater interest this year, and the large number of clubbites from the many schools across the parish participating gives great hope for the Jamaica 4-H Clubs within the school system,” Mr. Fulton stated.
He lauded the emphasis on agriculture, noting that this was keeping with the national focus on food security through the School Garden Programme.
“The schools’ response to the national emphasis towards food security is a step in the right direction, and we want to further send a signal to our youth and older ones, that we must grow what we eat and eat what we grow,” Mr. Fulton said. Some 370 agriculture plots have been established in schools across the island under the programme, which was re-launched last year.
Assistant Attorney General, Candice Rochester, who was the guest speaker, stressed the important role that the Jamaica 4-H Clubs must play in ensuring national food security.
She encouraged the clubbites “to be creative in your work in agriculture and your appreciation for the environment, as you take on the various projects, whether it be a school garden project or something else.”
The coveted ‘2009 Boy of the Year’ trophy went to Othneil Whyte of Troy Primary School, while Tasania Gray of Wakefield Primary was named ‘2009 Girl of the Year’.
Cedric Titus High was the champion school in the high school category, while for the primary/all-age category, Falmouth All-age School emerged victorious.

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