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Marketing and Sales Manager at the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), Lenworth Simms, has noted that the need for a modern central facility that will provide one station for all JUTC buses terminating in the Half Way Tree area was a major factor in the construction of the Half Way Tree Transportation Centre.
Mr. Simms who was speaking at a JIS News Think Tank held yesterday (Jan. 3) noted that over the years, commuters have been faced daily with indignity and discomfort in the public transportation system. “We can’t escape the fact that there was significant traffic congestion that people are unhappy with and that it is impacting on the quality of service and the level of dissatisfaction of our customers and our commuters,” Mr. Simms said. He also noted variables such as insufficient bus stops; concerns with the embarking and disembarking of commuters; the physical conditions of embarking and disembarking and the perception of a bus service that is unreliable, had resulted in the need to construct the centre. “There is also inefficient bus operations as you are spending a lot of time in traffic because of the congestion, and you are really pushing up your operational cost unnecessarily,” the Marketing and Sales Manager said.
He also noted that “the chaos and confusion that reigns in the general Half Way Tree area with other modes of transportation competing rigorously for passengers” also resulted in “the need for that one facility that will terminate the routes.”
Mr. Simms informed that the key objectives of the transportation centre are to reduce traffic congestions on the roadway and to facilitate a seamless bus movement to the benefit of commuters.
He also noted that the upgrading of the public transportation system to what is considered to be world class standard; the provision of increased commuter comfort and convenience; the facilitation of reliable on-time public transportation system and increasing the rider-ship on JUTC buses, are some of the other objectives of the transport centre.
The centre, when opened on January 12, will be a modern, central facility providing one terminus for all buses traversing Half-Way-Tree. It will also comprise a state of the art facility featuring two levels for arriving and departing buses as well as appropriate facilities and comfortable surroundings for the commuting public.

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