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Minister of Transport and Works, Robert Pickersgill, has said he was pleased with the level of expansion to the infrastructure presently being undertaken at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.
The airport, managed by the Montego Bay Jamaica (MBJ) Airport Limited for just over a year now, is being expanded at a cost of about US$140 million with completion of the final phases set for 2008.
After touring the facilities at the airport late last week, Minister Pickersgill told journalists that the developmental works were far ahead of schedule and within budget.
“We are extremely pleased and happy to be here and to witness first hand the tremendous level of the works now in progress. It is clear from video presentations, maps and the actual works, that the management, from the word go, has been a shining example of a satisfied customer. In that regard therefore, I would like to congratulate Mr. Jorge Sales, the Chief Executive Officer of MBJ Airport Limited, and his team for living up to the promises that were contractually laid down in the concession agreement,” Minister Pickersgill noted.
The Transport and Works Minister also commended the management of the airport developments for recruiting persons locally, noting that hundreds were now reaping attractive benefits.
“I enquired about the employment figures and I must say they are good figures and that will continue for some months. I am happy that many local persons are employed to this special development . I am also anxiously awaiting what will really come into being very shortly at the end of all the improvement works,” he said.
Mr. Sales, told JIS News that the total development of the airport was being carried out in three phases with Phase 1A already completed.
He pointed out that the second phase, which started ahead of schedule, was now well under way. “This phase will see a new two-storey concourse building with a departure level and an arrival level so passengers will not mix. It will also carry 11 gates with 11 new loading bridges, so that at the end of the expansion works we will have 18 loading bridges in operation,” Mr. Sales informed.
The CEO expressed gratitude for the levels of support and co-operation he and his team have been receiving since the project started a year ago.

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