JIS News

The Southern Regional Transport Authority is moving to rid the town of Spaldings of traffic congestion, by encouraging operators of public passenger vehicles to use the municipal parking area and not to park on the streets.
The move is being spearheaded by Minister of State in the Ministry of Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Richard Azan and has the support of the local police department, the parish council and taxi association.
Acting Regional Manager for the Southern Regional Transport Authority Office, Dianna Patterson, said that the non-use of the designated car park had led to a pile up of vehicles in Spaldings. Following a recent meeting with stakeholders, a new plan of action had been devised, which would lead to the restoration of law and order in the areas in and around the town centre.
“Some years ago, the parish council constructed a municipal park, which was supposed to have been used by those, who engage in the business of transportation but unfortunately, overtime, the system sort of broke down and so having had the meeting, we came to a decision that we as the Transport Authority, would be enforcing the law and that is what we have done,” she said.
Ms. Patterson told JIS News that teams from the Authority have been manning the town square very early, to ensure that law and order was maintained. “We had five officers working up until around 11:00 a.m. They were later relieved by another group and so far, we have had as much as a 90 per cent compliance rate. One just has to pay a visit to the square and the difference will be very clear to see,” she said.
Ms. Patterson said that at the meeting, which was initiated by Mr. Azan, it was agreed that a barrier should be established around the parking area, which would have clearly defined entrance and exit points and that the sanitary facility should be properly maintained.
Ms. Patterson appealed to members of the public to encourage motor vehicle operators to make use of the municipal park.
“If you have any questions, comments or suggestion, please call in to our regional office at 962-1539 or 962-1550 or come in and talk to us.we are located at 7B Caledonia Road in Mandeville,” she said.
Meanwhile, Mr. Azan, pointed to the need for order in the society. “Knowing the problems that have existed in Spalding for some time now, I felt that we needed to develop a proper consensus that would redound to the benefit of all the parties and so that is why I called a meeting knowing fully well that it is the people, who should have the final say in terms of the solution to the problem,” he said.