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The Ministry of Transport and Works, through the efforts of the National Works Agency (NWA) will soon implement a Disaster Mitigation Programme to continue the cleaning of drains and gullies in critical flood-prone areas island wide.
This announcement came from Minister of Transport and Works, Robert Pickersgill, who was speaking at a recent press conference at his Maxfield Avenue offices.
“Very shortly, we’ll be embarking on this programme at an initial cost of $25 million. We intend to address several drains and gullies in over 50 communities under this programme,” Minister Pickersgill outlined.
He noted the effectiveness of a similar programme implemented last year by the NWA.”We recognise that the completion of drain and gully cleaning activities undertaken under this programme decreased the impact of Hurricane Ivan on the main road network. In fact there was little or no damage in several well known flood-prone areas addressed under the programme,” he observed.
Last year, the government spent approximately $100 million on flood mitigation works under the NWA’s Disaster Mitigation Programme.

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