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Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, has called on Jamaicans to combine their efforts to combat the plague of crime and violence.
“We have to summon the will to act together, not compromisingly, but to act in a manner that is selfless, to rid this society of the single most debilitating disease that we have, the one thing that is standing between Jamaica and first world status – crime and violence,” the Minister said.
Addressing a ceremony to mark the official launch of Spruce up Jamaica Two in Lucea, Hanover, on June 12, Mr. Bartlett emphasized that, “it is when we are at peace with each other, it is when we have good relationships with each other, that we will be able to slay this dragon of crime and violence that has been besetting our society.”
The Minister pointed out that it was within his portfolio to market the country abroad, but the crime situation was making it more difficult , adding that he could double the amount of tourists to the island in a short time, “if we are able to remove the one stain that is proving to be a hindrance, that of crime and violence.”
Mr. Bartlett said that even with the uncertainties in the aviation industry, he has been able to negotiate additional seats to Jamaica and to secure the island’s position. He pointed out that the Ministry has strategised and penetrated the many niche markets that are available, so that Jamaica could get its fair share.
Pointing out that most countries usually unite around a common cause, the Minister argued that Jamaicans should make the issue of crime and violence their common focus.
“We must embark on a national resolve declaring crime and violence as our enemy, and unite the creative will of the nation towards the defeat of this common enemy,” Mr. Bartlett emphasised.

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