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Thirty students from 11 primary and all-age schools in North Clarendon, who gained high marks in the recent Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), were recently presented with bursaries valued at $159,000, to assist with their secondary school expenses.The awards were sponsored by Minister of Health and Member of Parliament for Northern Clarendon, Horace Dalley.
At the presentation ceremony held at the Hotel Versalles in May Pen, the top three students -Yashae Mitchell; Alex Stewart and Visha Nevers – received grants of $10,000, $8,000 and $6,000, respectively, while the remaining 27 students got $5,000. All the students received gift packages from LASCO.
Minister Dalley said that the award ceremony, which has been held over the last 16 years, was in keeping with his commitment to the advancement of education.
“Education continues to be a priority and I will do whatever is possible to recognize those students, who have done well and to ensure that persons who are financially unable to provide, will receive assistance in educating their children,” he said.
Twelve year-old Yashae Mitchell, the top student from the constituency with a 95.8 average, told JIS News that she was very pleased to receive her bursary. “I feel good about what has been accomplished and I’m very happy for the bursary, which will help with my back-to-school items. I want to encourage young people like me who are just starting high school to work hard, stay focused and aim for what you want,” she said.
Yashae will be attending Glenmuir High School and has ambitions of becoming a lawyer and a movie star.