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Minister of Health and Environment, Rudyard Spencer has outlined interventions in relation to tobacco that are to be undertaken to safe-guard the health and well-being of Jamaicans.
Speaking at the Post-Sectoral press briefing today (June 4), at the Ministry’s downtown Kingston offices, Mr. Spencer informed that the Tobacco Control Legislation will reflect the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and address the continued increase in taxation on cigarettes.
The Minister noted that included in the law will be: a proposal for the total ban on tobacco advertising, sponsorship and promotion of all forms; smoke-free environments in all enclosed spaces; prohibition of sale of tobacco products to minors; and the issue of the illicit trade of such tobacco products, among other matters.
“We will continue the creation of healthy, supportive environments in the form of certain settings where people have social interactions and can create and sustain health. The healthy zones built in the communities of Sabina and Hamilton Gardens are a demonstration of such healthy settings,” he said, noting that others are in progress in Braeton Phase Four, Rockmore in St. Mary, and Longville in Clarendon.
He further noted that this concept would be expanded in terms of building additional spaces such as these, as well as widening the participation of other public and private entities.
In addition, Mr. Spencer noted that the Ministry will seek to have sustainable activities such as healthy nutrition, physical activity at all levels, proper sanitary facilities, safe and continuous water supplies and a clean, healthy and peaceful environment in schools.
“The aim,” the Minister said “is to inculcate healthy habits into children that they will carry with them for life even into adulthood, as parents themselves.”

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