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Thousands of locals as well as foreigners are expected to flock the grounds of the St. Ann Jamaica Bauxite Partners in Discovery Bay, for the staging of the Jamaica Push Cart Derby, on Sunday, August 17.
The event has been endorsed by Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, the Ministry of Tourism and its agencies, the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, and the Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation, among other organizations.
Addressing the recent launch of the Derby, Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for Youth in the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, Senator Warren Newby said that he was happy to see the renewal of the event in St. Ann.
“This event is significant, because it will provide employment for those who will come to cook food for the thousands who will come on that day. It provides an avenue for sponsors to display their products. No doubt there are people who will be travelling from out of town, so they will be seeking accommodation in the local hotels. It is a significant part of the local economy and the local tourist offerings,” Senator Newby said.
He added that the event was also significant because of the partnership between the community and St. Ann Bauxite Partners.
“This is a company that has made a tradition of giving back to the communities in which it operates and we are indeed proud that they have continued to honour this tradition. It is most important, because we are well aware that the resources of government are not sufficient to create the level of development that is needed for our country and unless there is investment by the private sector into sporting disciplines such as this one, then they will falter and not be able to maximize their full potential,” Senator Newby said.
He posited that the Jamaica Push Cart Derby was an opportunity for peace building in the country, as persons from all over Jamaica would be coming together for a time of engagement and merriment and sports.
“It is very significant, because unless we find new means of improving relations between citizens, then we will continue to have the high levels of crime that are impacting our country as a whole,” he said, adding that he was proud of the fact that the event sought to represent the best of integrated Government, with a myriad of agencies giving strong support to the event.He wished success for the upcoming event and urged community members to come out in large numbers and give their full support.