Thompson Town High gets Multi-Purpose Court

A new multi-purpose court valued at $2.7 million has been officially handed over to the Thompson Town High School in Clarendon by the Sports Development Foundation (SDF).
Speaking at the handing over ceremony on April 23, General Manager of the SDF, Ludlow Watts pointed out that the organisation has established many similar projects across the island.
“In fact, we have created and worked on over 247 multi-purpose courts as well as refurbished some 60 playing fields, as part of the effort to nurture the sporting talents of our young people,” he said.
Mr. Watts said that the project would not have been possible without the input of both the school and State Minister for Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Richard Azan.
“We have a limit of just over $1.2 million on the building of hard courts, and Mr. Azan came up with the funds to the point where we can now declare the project at an end,” he added.
The General Manager urged all users of the facility to ensure that all steps are taken to protect the investment.
“We hope to see many sportsmen and women coming out of this area as a result of this very important investment which we have made,” he said.
Bringing greetings on behalf of Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller, Mr. Azan underscored the many positives that could result from the proper utilisation of the new facility.
“I am hoping to see many competitions here, not just for schools but also involving persons from the wider community as this is one sure way of promoting unity here in Thompson Town,” he said.
Mr. Azan said he would be making sure that the proper playing gear and other equipment were provided for the students, especially for netball, basketball and volleyball.

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