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Former President of the Republic of Haiti, Jean Betrand Aristide, who is currently on a brief visit to Jamaica to be reunited with his family, wishes to allay any fears that he will use his time in the island to engage in political activities or any act that could threaten the fragile peace emerging in Haiti.
“I want to assure the people of Jamaica that I would never use the kind hospitality provided by my brothers and sisters here in Jamaica to do anything that is political or that could hinder the process of peace in my beloved country of Haiti,” Mr. Aristide told Prime Minister P.J. Patterson in a meeting Wednesday (March 17).
He stressed that: “I want peace for Haiti, I want peace for Jamaica, for the Caribbean and all people everywhere. I want to be part of the process of promoting peace.”
The former President said he was very comfortable at his temporary location and was looking forward to the imminent reunion with his children. He added that the environment provided in Jamaica was conducive to relaxation, quiet reflection and to collecting and recording his own thoughts.
“I again want to thank my CARICOM colleagues, Prime Minister Patterson and the Government and people of Jamaica for welcoming us here and for the warm hospitality shown to us,” he added.
At Wednesday’s meeting Mr. Aristide informed Prime Minister Patterson of the progress being made with respect to plans for his eventual permanent relocation and steps being taken for his reunion with his two young daughters – seven year-old Christine and five year-old Michaella – who are expected to arrive in Jamaica soon. Mr. Aristide said he was looking forward to the reunion and again thanked the Prime Minister, the Government and people of Jamaica for making it possible.

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