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The Devon House will be hosting a Heritage exposition on its north and east lawns on Saturday, November 4, as part of its 125th anniversary celebration.
Speaking with JIS News, Marketing and Events Manager at The Devon House, Andrea Richards explained that the inaugural exposition is being planned to, “stimulate awareness within the Jamaican population regarding the preservation of our cultural heritage”.
She noted that the occasion would be used to showcase the work of some local entities and organizations that continuously highlight Jamaica’s culture and heritage.
These groups include: the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, Liberty Hall, National Library and Gallery, Heritage Tours Jamaica Limited, Georgian and Archaeological Societies, Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust, and the African Caribbean Institute.
“A lot of these organizations are Downtown and closed on Saturdays and people may not get a chance to see them or even are aware of what they actually do,” Miss Richards explained, adding that some of these organizations would be showcased with their displays of various artifacts and cultural novelties that are part of the country’s heritage.
The Georgian and Archaeological Societies, for example, would play a key role at the exposition by highlighting The Devon House as one of the buildings reflecting Georgian buildings and Georgian architecture in Jamaica.
Additionally, she noted that several tours of the House would be facilitated throughout the day at a discounted rate, and that traditional craft items and food would be on sale.
The exposition is open to the public, free of cost and will last from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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