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Peace Corp volunteer, Stephanie Husfelt along with fellow volunteer Scott Trynosky, and Jamaica 4-H Clubs representatives will be working on a proposal to establish a technology park at the Jamaica 4-H Clubs Denbigh Training Centre in Denbigh, Clarendon.
“We are going to be working together to formulate a proposal for a technology park that will encompass a biodiesel project and gray water projects. There will be a greenhouse with aqua-hydroponics…there will be goats and rabbits, composting and other different sources of technology,” Ms. Husfelt informed, as she addressed members of the Manchester 4-H Clubs Parish Advisory Council meeting held at the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) office in Mandeville on Thursday (Jan. 29).
The proposed technology park will focus on alternate forms of energy such as biodiesel, which is a clean burning alternative fuel produced from domestic, renewable resources and contains no petroleum but can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend.
There will also be major focus on aqua-hydroponics, which is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, without soil. Ms. Husfelt informed that there is small scale aqua-ponic project for schools that is an off- shoot of the proposed technology park and that she is also currently working on an aqua-ponic project at Holmwood Technical High, which is doing well.
She added that they have received a US$2,000 grant to go towards commercial fishing.
Another area of major interest for the proposed technology park is the establishment of vermicomposting heaps.
“There will be two types of composting, the regular and the vermicomposting to allow for comparison,” she stated.
She said that if the 4-H clubs training and production centre at Long Pond in Chudleigh, Manchester can be developed, a similar park to the one proposed for Denbigh will be established as well.
The Jamaica 4-H Clubs Denbigh Training Centre is one of 12 training and production centres that the organisation has across the island.
Other training and production centres include: Bog in Westmoreland, Charlottenburgh in St. Mary, Font Hill in St. Thomas, Georgia in Hanover, New Forest in Trelawny, Roehampton/Montpelier in St. James, Rose Hall in St. Catherine, Salisbury Plain in St. Andrew, Thatchfield in St. Ann, Vernamfield in Clarendon and Warminster in St. Elizabeth.

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