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The Tertiary Advancement Support Committee (TASC), a new support organization in Trelawny, has pledged to reach out to those students in the parish who wish to attain the highest level of education.
“Many times our students leave the parish to further their education at various tertiary institutions and sometimes some of them, after completing their first year or so, find that they have to discontinue their studies because of financial problems. We want to try and keep our students in the tertiary institutions so that they can complete their studies and return to the parish as proud contributors to its growth and future development,” head of TASC, Keith Russell, told JIS News.
He informed that the committee would be assisting five university students with their boarding expenses this year, and that they hoped to assist many others who wished to attend the institution in the future.
Supporting the gesture by TASC, President of the Trelawny Chamber of Commerce and Managing Director for Trelawny Investments Limited, Dennis Seivwright said that the group was making a very important step towards helping to promote education in the parish.
“In order for development in Trelawny to mean anything, our Trelawny personnel must play positive roles in the leadership of the parish, hence the highest level of education will be required among our people so as to command control,” he said.
Noting that the lack of funds has been a major setback for many bright students in the parish, Mr. Seivwright said that his establishment, Seivwright’s Building Supplies, has pledged a sum of $100,000 to the project and that he would continue to support members of the committee, as they were working to achieve positive results.
Mr. Seivwright told JIS News that he was appealing to the residents in Trelawny to join hands with TASC by supporting the project to advance education in the parish.

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