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Deputy Mayor of Spanish Town, Owen Palmer, has urged students of the Innswood High School to become positive role models and agents of change.
The Deputy Mayor, who was addressing the launch of the annual Values and Attitude programme at the St. Catherine-based institution on March 13, reminded the students that they were being prepared to take over the society, and “even at your tender age, you need to start playing your part”.
He noted that students had the ability to make a difference in the fight against the scourge of crime and violence.
Stating that most of the violence happening in Jamaica was gang related, Mr. Palmer maintained that, “students should exercise their mind to know what is right from wrong and make their decisions accordingly”.
Using his own experience of being born and raised in the “ghetto” as a yardstick, he cautioned that the lust for “material things normally leads to criminal activities”.
The Deputy Mayor pointed out, that although parents tried to protect their children from negative role models by censoring what they watched or listened to, children often rebelled and were sometimes exposed to negative values and attitudes from the wider society. He noted however, that “if (students) were brought up right (then they) would know what’s right from wrong because there are professionals, who would have guided them on a daily basis.”
Meanwhile, the students denounced the acts of violence, against children and in particular students. Most expressed fear that they could be the next victim and that the children killed could have been a classmate, a friend or a family member.
Yesterday’s event marked the start of a three-day programme of activities designed to encourage proper values and attitudes among Innswood High students and teachers.

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