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Students who travel on the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses will be monitored more closely, come September.
Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at the JUTC, Gwyneth Harold informed JIS News that due to the heightened incidences of vandalism carried out on the buses by students, the company would be observing keenly and taking the necessary action against them.
On general vandalism, Miss Harold reported that since the start of the year there have been 80 separate incidences of the stoning of JUTC buses. “In February 16 windows were damaged, resulting in losses of $160,000 and in March approximately 17 windows were damaged at a cost of $325,000. Included in this cost is the time the bus spends at the depot after it is damaged,” she explained.
Miss Harold informed that the JUTC would be visiting schools to discuss with students, the importance of taking care of the buses. “Action will be taken against the students who vandalize the buses. We have sent letters to some schools, from which perpetrators have been identified, and we will be going into the schools to speak with the students,” she said.
Students are not the only vandals, and the company also intends to take court action against other commuters who vandalize the buses or attack workers. “Due to violent incidences, such as stoning, the buses are forced to reroute and this costs the company, so we will be using the court to take on the perpetrators,” Miss Harold said.
The JUTC is currently on a one-month public education campaign, geared towards improving and rebranding the service provided by the company.

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