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Fourteen high school students, who are children of members of staff of Sandals Montego Bay Hotel, have been presented with cash grants totalling $230,000.00, in addition to cellular phones and other gifts valued at approximately $70,000.00.
The awards, part of Sandals Montego Bay’s Special Achiever’s Core project, are aimed at assisting members of staff of the hotel in their efforts to enhance the educational growth and development of their children.
Addressing the students and their parents at the presentation ceremony yesterday (August 16), at the hotel’s conference room, President of Northern Caribbean University, Dr. Herbert Thompson said that “education is the chief defence of a nation”, and must be given priority treatment and attention.
“Our society has gotten to a place where we all need to rethink, recalculate and redesign how we are going to restructure it and change it so that all of us can survive in it; and I believe that the education route, where we enlighten people’s minds so that they can feel equal, ought to be the way forward,” Dr. Thompson emphasised.
He said that the society must return to the attitude of rewarding persons who have done well. “We have got to become a society where we learn to celebrate with people when they have done well,” he added.
Dr. Thompson reminded the parents that they had a critical role to play in their children’s education, not only at home but they should also help to preserve their children’s schools.
He stressed that the country’s investment to educate people “is an investment in ourselves, because the more educated people are, the better it is for all to survive in the society”.
“If we spend more money reforming our schools, we will spend less money building prisons . You are not safe in a community where illiteracy and ignorance abound. Your house on the hill with the tall fence around it is not safe if the people in the valley around you don’t know how to read,” the President said.
Dr. Thompson congratulated the Sandals Group and “all who have joined forces to give these little boys and girls a more assured future”.

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