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The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) is presently hosting a special Heritage Week activity for primary and preparatory school students.
Eighty students from grades five and six who attend schools in Kingston and the Half-Way-Tree Road area have been invited. The schools are: the School for the Deaf, Unity Preparatory, St. Andrew Preparatory and Jessie Ripoll Primary. “Guest presenters from the Institute of Jamaica, Liberty Hall and the Norman Manley Foundation were asked to come in to address the students from October 10 to 13,” Public Relations Manager at the JIS, Donna-Marie Rowe, informed.
“Marcus Garvey was the focus of the first presentation and this was facilitated by Nicosia Shakes from Liberty Hall. The students from the School for the Deaf were particularly interested in Marcus Garvey’s personal life,” she added. On Tuesday, October 11, JIS hosted students from Unity Preparatory. Their interest in National Hero, Norman Manley was piqued by a presentation made by Chairman of the Norman Manley Foundation, Ainsley Henriques.
Mr. Henriques, who was pleased to share with the eager youngsters all of Manley’s accomplishments from being a Rhode Scholar and a soldier to his success as barrister and politician. “We won’t be able to plan for our future if we do not know our past,” he told the students.
Speaking with JIS News, a number of the students shared what they thought were the most interesting information that they learnt. Many were surprised that Norman Manley and Alexander Bustamante were related and that Bustamante’s original name was Alexander Clarke.
The session highlighted the need for more small group activities and presentations on our heritage that are designed to specially target the young population. The JIS Heritage Week activity spans two hours and in addition to the guest presenter includes a JIS television feature on the national heroes as well as an exhibition of the heroes and their achievements.
As the news and information arm of the government, the JIS provides information of national importance, and promotes government’s policies and programmes. During Emancipation, Independence and Heritage celebrations, in particular, the demand for information from schools is greater and JIS meets this demand by providing students and researchers with posters, booklets, flags and other relevant material.

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