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Director, National Transformation Programme (NTP), Reverend Al Miller, has charged participants in the Students for Transformation (SFT) programme to be strong, solid youths, as they are the agents of change.
Making his appeal at the recent Student Leaders Workshop at Jamaica House, Rev. Miller said that, “the greatest tool for transformation is education.”
Rev. Miller challenged the participants to consider how youth leaders can transform schools to become zones of excellence and productivity. He also implored them to get students to believe in themselves, work hard to effect change, start a social revolution against negative behaviour, strive for excellence and demonstrate how to profile a model student.
The National Transformation Programme, initiated over a year ago, aims at ‘culminating ideas on improving interschool cohesion and promoting student development and leadership skills through various projects’. The national core values, which underscore the programme’s mission are: truth, honesty, justice, love, peace, unity, savings and investment, responsibility, personal development, dignity of work, and respect and reverence for life.
“The workshop is to create a smooth transition between outgoing student leaders and incoming student leaders, so as to have cohesion of ideas, aims and objectives that we will plan for the upcoming school year,” explained SFT Programme Vice Chairman and outgoing Head Boy of St. George’s College, Jason Curate.
Director of Development, Planning and Monitoring, NTP, Mr. Fabian Brown, noted that the participants engaged in discussions to find strategies that will motivate and encourage them towards becoming positive role models in schools, so that schools can be transformed.
“The programme has been very uplifting…I have seen changes in relations with various schools. We have even developed a devotional exchange programme between schools,” said Nicholas Haughton, graduate of Kingston College.

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