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Wife of the Governor-General, Her Excellency the Most Hon. Lady Allen, has challenged students to use education as the ladder for upward mobility, and to make their lives meaningful.
Speaking on a tour of the Clarendon based Race Course Primary School, yesterday (June 8), she recalled her young years in the parish of St. Mary. “I did not know what the future had for me, but I knew that education was the key. Do not let anyone tell you that where you are from is going to define you, or you cannot be what you dream to be,” Lady Allen told the students.
She told them that they must be resolute and determined in their quest to achieve success. “You must determine what you want to be. Your professional areas are going to vary, a doctor is not more important than a teacher, nor a farmer less important than a pastor, whatever you want to be, you can be,” she added.

Wife of the Governor-General, Her Excellency the Most Hon. Lady Allen having a lively exchange with Grade Five students at the Clarendon based Race Course Primary School (right), during a tour of the institution on June 8.

Lady Allen also called on the teachers to continue their support of the children. “Encourage parents to put their money in their children. Parents, you also have to sacrifice for the books that your children need to take them through this journey of life,” Lady Allen said.
Highlighting the discipline at the institution, she said it is an ingredient for academic success, and a good life in the future. “Jamaica will be the best, with the discipline that I have seen here at Race Course Primary. Continue to work hard, success will be yours, and you will be the men and women that we will all be proud of,” she told the students.
Meanwhile, Guidance Counsellor at the school, Althea Green-Thomas, told JIS News that the visit by Lady Allen was a good motivation for her students.
“She encouraged the children to get a good education.which is very important. We need to ensure that our children, which are our future, go in the direction that we want them to go. The children listened to her, and this visit is going to have a lasting impact on them,” Mrs. Green-Thomas said.