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A new policy is to be promulgated to provide for more stringent vetting of individuals entering the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) at the basic level.
Addressing a post-Sectoral Debate press briefing at the Ministry on Oxford Road in Kingston today (May 31) National Security Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips said the policy, which will guide the recruitment process, would ensure that persons entering the Force underwent the appropriate psychological testing.
“We don’t intend to train or expend resources on keeping anyone who has not undergone the appropriate psychological testing to see that they are not persons predisposed to indiscriminate use of force for example; or to have persons who may have and are trying to hide a criminal background,” he emphasized.
Dr. Phillips said the intention was to introduce mechanisms such as “polygraphing at an early stage as part of a more stringent vetting for persons entering the Force”.
“We are absolutely serious about advancing an anti-corruption policy and this is part of it that ensures that the Jamaican people have security forces that they can trust,” Dr. Phillips told journalists.

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