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Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment, and Commerce, Hon. Michael Stern, is calling on citizens to co-operate with the police to make their communities safe.

“Without the co-operation of the citizens, the police really can’t do a good job, so I am imploring all citizens to work with the police and provide information to prevent major crimes,” the State Minister told a community meeting staged by the Manchester Police on January 27, at the Spaldings United Church Hall.

Mr. Stern also called on all civic leaders to work with the police to help in stemming some of the anti-social challenges in the communities.

“I ask that more people get involved in leadership at the community level. We would like to have a better society and persons must use the expertise that they have to build the communities. If we make our communities better, the job of the police will be much easier,” the State Minister argued.

In his address, head of the Manchester Police Division, Superintendent Lascelles Taylor, explained that the job of the police is to protect communities from law breakers, and even when individuals are popular in the communities, the residents should not expect the police to accommodate them when they are on the wrong side of the law.

“When there is a conflict and the police turn up, co-operate and let us work as a team. Gone are the days when the police believe that they alone could run the show. The police and the citizens have to work together, and as citizens you have to be aware and play your part to secure yourselves. When you are leaving your home for extended periods, tell your neighbours, so that if they see someone on your compound they can call the police,” he said.                                                                                                                                        

The Superintendent said one reported rape occurred in the Spaldings area for the year 2010, but there are concerns of taxi operators abusing teen aged girls.

“You must protect children, these are the ones when they become adults, they might become doctors and lawyers to help you. We can do better than that. Parents, be protective of your young girls; allow them to dress as little girls, don’t allow them to dress as if they are adults. Communicate with them when they are coming from school and encourage them to walk in groups. Taxi men, if you know of any of your colleagues who are involved in it, tell the police. Taxi men, protect the little girls, don’t abuse them, assist them if you see them on the road alone. Take them to their destination safely, don’t abuse them,” Mr. Taylor said.



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