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The National Stadium East field in Kingston, known as Independence Park along with G.C. Foster College of Physical Education in St. Catherine are to receive 3,960 bleachers seats, as well as toilet and changing room facilities.
Senator Burchell Whiteman made the announcement at a press briefing on Monday (Oct. 13), at Jamaica House.
The seats, toilets and changing rooms are to be constructed by Construcciones Deportivas Policancha of Canada, at a negotiated sum of US$0.838 million.
The works to be undertaken include, the design and construction of uncovered spectators bleachers stands with aluminium benches and associated toilet and changing room facilities. In addition, accommodation is to be made for high-level press/VIP box.
Based on the seat allocation, the Stadium East field will get 2,560 seats, while G.C. Foster College will get 1,400. At each location, toilet and changing room facilities will be provided in the area beneath the seat.
The project is to be funded under the San Jose Accord, as the loan period had been extended to December 31, 2003. The San Jose Accord is part of an arrangement made from the 1970s between the Government of Jamaica and the Governments of Mexico and Venezuela, under which the project is being funded.
The Stadium East field had been upgraded for some time and will benefit from the addition of these facilities, Senator Whiteman said.
G.C. Foster College, which he said, had the potential to attract even more sporting events than it currently did, was the venue of Boys’ and Girls’ Championships last year, when the Stadium was not available. Despite the heavy rains, G.C. Foster College managed very well.
“This upgrade will certainly assist the authorities there to make better use of the facilities which they have,” he said.

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