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The St. Thomas Parish Council is working with relief agencies to offer assistance to residents in the parish affected by Hurricane Dean.
St. Thomas is one of the parishes worst affected by the hurricane and according to Mayor Joan Spencer “every single district in St. Thomas got damage. Some were more severe than others but every single one got damaged.”
Secretary Manager for the parish council, Clinton Gordon, told JIS News that “there are persons in the shelters but they’d rather go back to their houses and get their lives back in order. There’re a few persons, who lost their entire houses because they’re on hillsides. We (want to) help to tide them over the period that they can start getting things together.”
He noted further that the council is taking steps to provide some relief to persons having water shortage. “We’re trying to work out a process where we can find a solution to get water to these people until the NWC (National Water Commission) systems are back up and running.”
In the meantime, he indicated that an assessment process is underway, which will capture data on the number of persons affected by the hurricane so they can receive some measure of relief to get their lives back on track. The process should be completed next week.

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