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Some $2 million is being spent by the St. Thomas Parish Council to refurbish and beautify the Rudolph Elder Recreational Park in Morant Bay.
Secretary/Manager of the Parish Council, Clinton Gordon told JIS News that approximately $550,000 will be used to replace toilet facilities, which have been in a state of disrepair over the years.
He said the remaining funds will be used to install electrical fittings, upgrade the park’s entrance, and for general clean-up and landscaping, including the planting of tress. In addition, excess sand along the section of property near to the seashore will be cleared, while the shoreline will be re-enforced.
Mr. Gordon told JIS News that storm surges during the passage of Hurricanes Dean and Ivan, had resulted in the dumping of sand in the park, while erosion had occurred along the shoreline.
The Secretary/Manager said that the park, which has a rich history, is currently being used for civic ceremonies and the playing of netball, basketball and other sports competitions, among schools.
He informed that the park will be venue for the Parish Council’s annual tree lighting ceremony, which is scheduled to take place on December 17.
The Secretary Manager said that a plaque will be erected in the park in honour of Rudolph Elder, the late property owner and influential political figure, for whom the park is named.

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