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Secretary Manager of the Morant Bay Parish Council, Clinton Gordon has said that there was minor damage to the parish’s infrastructure during the passage of Hurricane Emily.
“The level of flooding and dislocation that we had during Dennis was not experienced during Emily. The major areas of dislocation reported to the Council were land slippages in the hills of Trinity Ville and Cedar Valley divisions,” Mr. Gordon told JIS News.
Additionally, he said workmen from the National Works Agency (NWA) had repaired a section of the Rozelle main road, which was “disrupted” by storm surges caused by the hurricane. Work was done on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.
In preparation for Hurricane Emily, Mr. Gordon said some work was done in affected areas in Seaforth, where the groyne broke during Hurricane Dennis and had threatened lives and property.
“Some work was done prior to the arrival of the rains of Emily in terms of reinforcing the area. The major groyne work is still to be done. There have been pledges by the NWA and the Prime Minister to have some work done shortly and we expect the NWA to be working on that sometime soon,” he said.
According to Mr. Gordon, the Parish Disaster Committee was “well prepared” for the two hurricanes, in terms of assisting with the evacuation of persons from flood prone areas and rescue operations.
Referring to the Seaforth situation, he said, the “quick response” from members of the Committee and the St. Thomas Fire Department prevented loss of lives.
“Within ten minutes of the news coming out that the groyne was broken and the community being flooded, we had equipment in there, we had people in there and no lives were lost. We had people and equipment ready to move in and take out persons in difficult situations,” he said.
The Secretary Manager said that the majority of the 1,000 persons who had sought shelter in 14 centres during the peak of Hurricane Emily, had returned home on Sunday. However, he noted that persons, whose homes were close to rivers and unsafe to live in, were still sheltering at Cedar Valley Junior High School and the Cedar Valley Baptist Church.

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