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The benefits of the application of greenhouse technology to agricultural production will highlight St. Mary’s contribution to this year’s Denbigh Agricultural show to be held from Saturday, August 4 to Monday, August 6 at the Denbigh show grounds in May Pen, Clarendon.
In a recent JIS News interview, Lavon Murdoch, Jamaica Agricultural Society’s Parish Manager for St. Mary said the decision to place special focus on greenhouse technology is based on the fact that this represents the way forward in agricultural production as this technology has the capability to create higher yields and generate significantly increased earnings for farmers. She said the greenhouse model was being strongly promoted in St. Mary by both the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) as a viable venture to be embraced and implemented by farmers in the parish. Noting that preparations for the show was proceeding satisfactorily, Miss Murdoch said the planning was being done by a committee consisting of representatives of the St. Mary branch of the JAS and the St. Mary office of RADA. She said the farmers were highly motivated about the parish participation in the event and that the planning committee is working closely with JAS branches and other farming interests to ensure that exhibits on display at the St. Mary pavilion are of the highest quality.
Disclosing that the St. Mary section of the show ground will present a new look this year to make it more attractive as well as to excite the interest of the general public, she said a refurbished pavilion and a strong focus on youth involvement in agriculture will be among the features of this new look.

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