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Scores of residents of Devon Pen in St. Mary benefited from a health fair sponsored by the St. Mary Health Department at the Devon Pen All-Age School on Tuesday, May 22. The fair, which provided free health tests and counselling to the residents, was the second of its kind to be held by the Department since this year.
Among the tests carried out were those for blood sugar, HIV, blood pressure and dental examinations. In addition, educational talks were given on a number of health matters including mental health, sanitation, personal hygiene, food hygiene, and the need to reduce the incidence of accidental poisoning of children.
Speaking with JIS News during the function, Pauline Steele-Davis, Health Educator for the St. Mary Health Department, said in addition to providing the tests and the educational talks, the fair also aimed to sensitise the residents about the work being carried out by the health services in the parish, as well as to increase their awareness of the importance of maintaining good health through the use of those services. Expressing satisfaction with the support the residents for the day’s activities, Mrs. Steel Davies said the decision to stage the event was made following a survey carried out in the area by the St. Mary Health Department through its School Health Programme, which indicated a need for the services provided by the fair.
She said she was confident that the day’s experience would empower the people of the community to be crusaders for better personal health care and the establishment of improved health standards in the area.
A number of the participants expressed appreciation to the St. Mary Health Department for sponsoring the fair, and asserted their commitment to leading healthy lifestyles and cooperating with the Department to maintain high health standards in the community.

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