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The St. Mary Health Department will be embarking on a public education drive to sensitise residents about the dangers of leptospirosis and seek their cooperation in halting the spread of the disease.
The campaign will be carried out in collaboration with the Port Antonio office of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), and will be conducted through a series of community meetings to be held in Annotto Bay, Zion Hill, Days Mountain, Gayle, Sanside, Capture Land and Frazerwood.
Chief Public Health Inspector for St. Mary, Anthony Robins told JIS News that the meetings would commence in Annotto Bay on Tuesday (Nov. 29).
Other meetings will be held in Zion Hill on November 30; Gayle on December 5; Sanside, December 6; Capture Land, December 7; Days Mountain December 8, and Frazerwood, December 14.
Mr. Robins noted that a number of cases involving leptospirosis were diagnosed in the parish earlier this year and there has been an increase in the infections in recent months.
Pointing out that rat infestation was one of the major causes of the spread of leptospirosis, Mr. Robins said the campaign would include a rat eradication component, which will involve the distribution of chemicals.
He also informed, that the St. Mary Health Department would be working in close cooperation with the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) to improve garbage disposal and collection in the parish. Mr. Robins said he was highly confident that the drive would receive the full support and cooperation of the people of St. Mary, given the seriousness of the threat posed by the spread of the disease and the attendant need to rid the parish of the rat infestation problem as early as possible.

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