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As of April 4, motorists parking in designated areas on Orange, Union, Strand and Harbour Streets in Montego Bay, will be required to pay a fee, as the St. James Parish Council implements phase two of its metered parking project.
Secretary/Manager of the St. James Parish Council, Ian Reid, explained that to park on these streets, motorists would be required to purchase parking permits at designated outlets. A permit, he said, was valid just for the day on which it was purchased, and for the prescribed amount of time on the permit.
He pointed out that a permit could be used on any of the designated streets as long as the time earmarked on the permit had not expired. Persons caught parking in the metered areas without the necessary permit, or staying longer than the allotted time on the permit, could have their vehicle clamped and/or towed to the municipal car pound.
According to Mr. Reid, the metered parking system has been in operation as a pilot on Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay since October 2005. The system was introduced by the Council’s Traffic Management Committee as a means of controlling traffic congestion within the city.
He said that based on the success of the pilot, the Council decided to expand the programme to the downtown areas of the city.
“We have three main objectives for this metered parking programme. One objective is to order the traffic flow within the city, the second objective is to increase space turnover especially in the central business district, and the third objective is a revenue objective,” he told JIS News.
“We feel that the public space and the curb side parking in this area can be best utilized if it is properly ordered, and if there is a proper programme in place for managing it. The council also took a decision that the returns from the metered parking programme would first be used to rehabilitate sidewalks in the city, and also would be used for beautification and clean-up of the city,” Mr. Reid said.
He has appealed for the public’s indulgence as the Council extended the programme to the rest of the city. “We know that we probably have not covered all the bases and there are probably things that we could have done that we might not have done, and we are asking for general understanding,” he stated.
He emphasized that the programme was designed to alleviate congestion on the streets and in so doing, bring order to the city.

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