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MANDEVILLE — The St. Elizabeth Parish Council is moving to have the speed limit for the Holland Bamboo roadway reduced, and the area designated as a safe zone for schools.

Mayor of Black River Councillor Jeremy Palmer, said he will ensure that the issue is treated with urgency. The decision came after concerns were raised at a recent sitting of the Council, by Councillor for the Locavia Division, George Powell, about the speed at which motorists travel through the area.

“The Council’s position is that the authorities…the National Works Agency (NWA), the police, and the local traffic authority, need to pay urgent attention to it. We are going to move a resolution and pass it to all the authorities,” Mr. Palmer stated.

He stressed that with the Holland Primary School sited in the area, and accidents having already occurred there, it is even more important that the current speed limit be reduced. “The lives of people are paramount on the roads, and when they are children it is more important,” he remarked, noting that the area is a tourist attraction.

The Mayor said he has had dialogue with the police and will be approaching the NWA and other stakeholders to ensure that a lower speed limit is established on the stretch of roadway as soon as possible.



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