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Residents of St. Catherine turned out in larger numbers, undaunted by early morning showers, to give back to their communities through participation in Labour Day activities right across the parish.
Portmore’s Mayor, Keith Hinds, was seen at the Naggo Head Primary School, with a group of parents, teachers and representatives from FLOW Communications, applying fresh paint to the walls and cleaning up the school compound.
The project also included fixing the drain in front of the school and laying marl on the adjacent road surface. Mayor Hinds pointed out that a conscious decision was made this year to concentrate on institutions like schools.
“Citizens started working from as early as Saturday. I know we opened a basketball court in 5 East and, even in the rain, we were able to get the citizens out to work,” he said.
Alicia Beckles, Flow’s Public Relations Manager, told JIS News that their participation was simply to enhance the education initiative in schools, so it was an easy decision to make to help paint the school at the invitation of the Mayor.
At the Portmore Youth Information Centre, young people were engaged in clearing the premises of shrubs, raking up, painting walls and hacking the perimeter wall for cement work to be carried out.
Public Relations Officer of the Portmore Youth Council, Kirk Walton, told JIS News that his group thought it would be a good idea to take on the Youth Centre as their Labour Day Project.
“We have youths from the centre, from the info centre youth club, the youth council and volunteers, and we’re going to paint up the place and make it look good, yuh nuh,” he told JIS News.
He said he didn’t expect that everything would be completed Monday, so they would be shutting down the centre during the week and continue until the task is completed, hopefully, by weekend.
Spanish Town’s Mayor, Councillor Dr. Andrew Wheatley, who has divisional responsibility for Naggo Head, told JIS News that a project was started to remove zinc fences and replace them with concrete block walls, as well as to paint the round-about at Naggo Head and refurbish the major bus shed in Newlands.
He said that several projects were also taking place in Spanish Town.
“There is clean-up work being done in Angels, and in the Church Pen community there is a major tree planting project. So there are a number of activities [taking place] despite the overcast conditions,” he said.

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