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The St. Ann’s Bay Hospital in St. Ann continues to provide quality service to the patients who visit the institution, due in large measure to the user fees being collected.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Lynden Buchanan told JIS News that members of the public have been playing an instrumental role in helping to maintain the top class service provided at the hospital.
“The introduction of user fees in the system has allowed members of the public to become involved in the development process of the hospital,” he said.”The public at large would have realized that the cost of prescribed drugs and other medical supplies have increased significantly over the years, and so the introduction of the user fees seeks to bring the public into a system of cost sharing,” Mr. Buchanan added.
He pointed out that the payment of fees as a cost sharing technique served to benefit both parties involved.
“The fees that the public pay assist us at the hospital in a number of ways. They help to cover the cost of maintenance and the fees also help to cover the cost of food to feed our patients,” he said.Mr. Buchanan explained that in some instances where a particular drug was not on the Government’s prescribed list, the fees would be used to purchase such medication from other suppliers.
“The drug Rhogam is one such prescribed drug that the hospital, through the assistance of the user fees, has been able to purchase in order to supply our patients. The drug is often prescribed for some pregnant women and we at the hospital try our best to provide these patients with the medication as prescribed,” he said. The CEO is appealing to members of the public to co-operate with the system, as this would contribute to the upkeep and the quality service provided at the hospital.
“We are committed to quality service. We at the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital do care,” he emphasized.

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