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Residents of Water Valley and surrounding communities in St. Ann are slated to benefit from training in heavy duty mechanics, under a partnership between the St. Ann Jamaica Bauxite Partners (SAJBP) and the HEART Trust/NTA.
Community and Public Relations Officer at SAJBP, Kent Skyers, told JIS News that some 20 persons were expected to participate in the programme, which would get underway at the Water Valley Skills Training Centre on April 23. The Jamaica German Automotive School (JAGAS) will be in charge of training.
According to Mr. Skyers, the bauxite company was “always happy” to partner with organizations for the development of communities in which mining operations were being conducted.
He informed that the SAJBP had collaborated with HEART to get the Water Valley Centre “up and running” and “a large sum of funds” was spent to purchase the necessary material and equipment.
“We have been carrying out training in data entry operations at the facility since last year and the introduction of the heavy duty mechanics programme is another phase of the centre’s operation,” he noted.
“We are saying to HEART and JAGAS that they can use the facility to carry out all levels of training that they so desire based on the needs of the community,” he said, pointing to plans to offer training in tourism-related skills.
Mr. Skyers appealed to residents to access the training opportunities being provided to improve their employability. “What we are doing at the SAJBP is to provide training for persons. What we are providing really, is the training opportunity,” he noted.

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