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The Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Honourable Olivia Grange, MP has congratulated Jamaica's Special Olympics team for its "spectacular" performance in the just concluded Special Olympics in Athens, Greece.

Minister Grange said:

“Jamaica winning a dozen gold medals, 14 silver and five bronze in the Special Olympics in Greece is a spectacular performance from a team of gifted, hardworking and inspirational Jamaicans.

The performance of the Special Olympics team reinforces our recent dominance in the Olympic Games – the Special Olympics and the Summer Olympics.  And when you consider that we participate also in the Winter Olympics; this country is awesome.

“I should also like to congratulate the Jamaica Special Olympics team for the success of its cultural exhibition in Athens.

“My commendation as usual to Mrs. Lorna Bell and the rest of the people attending to the welfare and coaching of the Special Olympics team.  You all continue to inspire the nation and make us proud."

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